We will be able to provide you crucial support to make possible your business growth at international level. We deliver unique assessment related with the feasibility to go to international markets, providing the strategies necessaries to be successful abroad; and, to make that happen by connecting your business with the right people and companies in the selected markets, especially in Europe – United Kingdom and Latin America.

As follow the general scheme which summarizes our approach for your international business development:

international business development

We develop the strategic analysis for your international business development thought the following areas:

1) Assessment of Business Growth’s Potential and its International Expansion

Analysis of the business capabilities to take opportunities in foreign markets via the review of key performance indicators related with the following aspects, this mostly referred to already established companies:

  • Organizational structure: Understanding actual business model and its potential improvements for its successful international expansion. It includes a whole overview of the business, such as corporate objectives, sales and marketing, products and services, human resources, technology and tools among other aspects and areas of the business itself.
  • Financial capabilities: Understanding the financial structure of the business and the capacity of cash flow generation; as well as, the short and long term financial commitment.
  • Growth commitment: Understanding your local market’s leadership and commitment to adapt and create products or services for new markets; and, understanding the potential of the market target selected and its future entrance.

In the case of entrepreneurship’ projects, the approach will be different, as this will mean to generate a checklist of what is necessary to be done in order to go internationally. Therefore, we will prepare you and support you, step by step, to make things happen in order to achieve successfully your ambitious business goals.

2) Selection and Understanding of International Markets

Through a structured analysis and market research we will be able to understand the selected international market(s). Therefore, market trends, market’ opportunities and risks factors will be considered in the analysis. Based on those, we will recommend if the selected market is appropriate to enter and if it will represent a sustainable business growth.
By using consistent and accurate global market reports, key information from trusted sources, and the use of additional methods to gather relevant information which can offer insightful knowledge. We will help you to understand the selected market’s potential.
As follow some key analyses required to understand the selected target market(s) for its business international expansion:

  • Macro-Economic Aspects: Snap view of the target country which will cover main aspects, such as: political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, environmental and legal concerns.

This overview will include key indicators which will show the market attractiveness, the easiness of doing business, market competiveness, transparency, openness to trade, laws and environmental regulations, logistic and technological infrastructure; as well as, cultural aspects to be considered.

In general, to point out potential risks and opportunities to be addressed in the selected target market(s).

  • Micro-Economic Analysis: The industry itself within the target country. In this case we will identify the level of competition in the related industry and the relationship with its business strategy.

Identifying the main factors that affect the competitiveness of the industry and by understanding the intensity of competitive rivalry and all its (dis)advantages will be possible to understand how to succeed in the selected target market, as always the competition is fierce; and, there are always threats of new products or services and their substitutes.
The overview of the potential market will determine the level of volume required to the target market, the domestic consumption and its potential growth, the level of competition; and the custom, tariffs and foreign trade regulations. In general, any other factor that could affect directly to the industry.

  • Product and Service Overview: It is very important to understand if the products or services are wanted and needed by the consumers into the selected market(s).

Therefore, several questions are necessary to be made in order to be successful, such as: Is the product or service what the customer or client wants? What changes are required to make the product suitable for your customer or client? Are the attributes of the product or service effective for the target market? What is the environmental impact of the product or service? Is it manufactured from materials supplied by sustainable sources? Is the packaging and labeling suitable for the target market? Can the materials be recycled or reused? How much will be the costs to manufacture the product or to deliver a service? Which additional costs are required to adapt into the target market? How much will the product sell for in the shops or stores? Which will be the profit margin? Among more inquiries which will help to develop the product or service strategy to its internationalization or globalization.

  • Consumer' Trends & Behavior: Knowing who is the consumer-target market; and, understanding the decision-making processes of the consumer buying behavior and which are the factors that affected their decision. These are keys to be successful in international markets.
    The analysis includes the characteristics of consumers such as demographics and behavioral variables. Indeed, the identification of internal and externs influences that affect the purchasing decisions.

    In general, by identifying and understanding how is influenced the consumer behavior by internal and external conditions such as: Physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem and self-fulfillment influences; as well as, demographics, psychographics-lifestyles, environment, motivation, knowledge; and also, income level, age, occupation, among other factors.

    We will give crucial support in developing the main strategy to reach the target market.

    • Mode of entry analysis: This will depend of the levels of risks and control that you want to achieve.

    The analysis will determine which will be the best way as a new entrant and the appropriate channels to entry to a new international market to be addressed such as E-Commerce, Exporting, Licensing/Franchising, Agents, Distributors, Strategic Alliances, M&A, Joint Ventures, Overseas Manufacture and International Sales Subsidiaries; among others.
    As well as the understanding and recommendations of the different stages of Internationalization that the business will embrace in the long term.

    3) International Business Development – Growth Strategy

    The core strategy for international expansion will be built considering the deep understanding of the selected market, the application of the most suitable mode of entry, to be unique over the competition, to alliance with an ideal local partner; and, well many more aspects to evaluate in order to elaborate a comprehensive business plan. Furthermore, to connect you with key people and businesses in order to implement the plan and place it into action.
    To enter into a new market is challenging, however with a strategic business plan will be possible that the business and/or project achieves competitiveness on an international level.
    The business plan for international development, will include a well-developed strategy which will consider SMART objectives, the market research’ results, the competitive analysis in the selected market, the opportunities and risks to enter into the new market, the right mode of entry; and, many other key aspects to consider from the operational and financial point of view required for the selected market.
    Marketing and Sales strategies will be necessary to address and challenge the local competition in order to position effectively the product or service into the international selected market; and, the generation of the business proposition for its future growth.
    The general strategic outline will be addressed to achieve your international business development, as follow:

    strategic analysis for international expansion

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