IBD-MC LTD is passionate to promote exciting products from Latin America to the world. We have been proud to support the work of highly skilled people from Ecuador – South America; who elaborate unique pieces with natural materials like TAGUA nuts or also called Vegetable Ivory, which are used to elaborate by hand finest, fashionable and exclusive Jewellery for the woman who wants to look fabulous inspired by nature.

Additionally, we promote the elaboration of high quality & unique Buttons and other pieces elaborated with the same natural material, Tagua nuts from Ecuador.

Likewise, we promote the creation of high quality, softest and very warm ALPACA Accessories such as scarfs and shawls. These are also elaborated by skilled Indigenous hands from Ecuador. Pieces which include stylish designs and vibrant colors that complement gorgeously to our eco-friendly and fashionable jewelry made out of Tagua.

We love Eco-Fashion that is why we create brand which is proud to show to the world unique accessories and pieces elaborated with unique materials; and also 100{371e293c549f29ff11a0e9d8e08a01f8c83a5402d90e57d4bdd86e7b78052980} handmade by skilled artisans and indigenous people from Ecuador, who have more than 20 years of experience working with Tagua and others.

We are committed to give to these local communities in Ecuador a sustainable work therefore they could achieve economic development in the long term. This is our social mission to generate abundant opportunities for people in developing countries especially in Latin- America.

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